Andrew Weatherall Plays 8D Industries

The inimitable Andrew Weatherall debuted five songs from the 8D Industries label on his Music’s Not For Everyone radio show. To say Weatherall is an influence on those inhabiting 8Di HQ seems a bit of an understatement, so it’s a thrill to hear The Guv’nor lend his support to our enterprise. In the moody opening to this episode of his program, you’ll hear two evocative cuts from More Ghost Than Man, taken from the album Everything Impossible Is Far Away (released on November 16). Later in the set, Weatherall introduces three songs from Monta At Odds, culled from the Argentum Dreams album (out on October 16). All the selections before, after, and in-between are delightful and mind-expanding, as well.

When we initially sent the album to Weatherall he came back to us with this encouraging statement: “Marvelous! Sorry to resort to cliche but … all killer no filler.”

Bundles of excitement and respect from technicians at 8Di labs. Here’s the full track list on the NTS Radio site. Have a listen in the player below.

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