San  Mateo - DeepSTARIA
San Mateo - Deepstaria

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Enigmatic midwestern sonic-naut San Mateo presents Deepstaria, an album comprised of haunting synthesized textures and distant melodic evocations. The album gets its title from a translucent jellyfish tumbling through the deepest parts of the ocean. Deepstaria’s songs transmit this feeling of tumbling; bodies set adrift. As San Mateo describes, “The songs convey this idea that we are the wandering cartographers of our own lives.”

Last year, San Mateo switched his recording process from digital to analog and from software to hardware. The artist recorded multiple albums of material, with some of these ‘learning my gear’ experiments found on the Sonet Ring EP. Reflecting on this work, San Mateo says, “A Zen carving analogy states that you don’t know what form the rock decides it wants to become until after it has been completed. In this case, I had to sit and carve several rocks to get here.”

The results of the effort are sublime. Deepstaria’s tracks show confidence in these new methods and a desire to push hardware further. The sound is remarkably organic — its palette made up of warm tones and intimate atmospheres. Underneath is a hum of tension, representative of how things seem out of balance. San Mateo says, “We have set out to sea with only a candle and a half-broken compass. No one knows what to expect. It’s somewhat terrifying and beautiful at the same time.”

Deepstaria is available digitally and also as a cassette with accompanying artifacts. San Mateo: “I want something physical for future archeologists to ponder in a couple of centuries.”

  • Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “A stunning album. Every track has a story to tell.”
  • Steve Cobby (FIla Brazillia) – “All over this like a rash. Got asked to do a chill mix for Cafe Del Mar social media so perfect timing.”
  • D. WattsRiot (Fun-Da-Mental, Ear Conditioning) – “Obviously this album was made before the current pandemic entered our lives, but I tell ya — it’s hitting the spot when it comes to reflection of our values and state of being. I’ll take advantage of the music and escape from the dread of a reality.”
  • Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show, Fluke) – “Some moments of laid back loveliness is just what this lockdown needed. Beautifully crafted, excellent production & gets better with each listen.”
  • ReGen Magazine – “Meditative rhythms and understated grooves set adrift in seas of contemplative pads and swells of ambient warmth. The subtleties of the production — the slight scratchiness of what could be a vinyl record, the crackles of voices over the radio — evoke dimly faded memories of a time that perhaps never was …”
  • David Noonan (Sirenium) – “A beautiful Eno-esque album.”
  • Matt Xavier (Gruvhaus) – “This album is quite beautiful. Light and airy but warm and reflective. I will digest these on a cannabis journey.”
  • Denny Seeber (Zwischenmiete) – “Beautiful!”
  • BlueSoul (Aphorism Recordings) – “A well-crafted album of beautifully textured, melodic ambience. Masterful control of the sonic field.”
  • Joe Silva (Purespace) – “Blissful and laid back contemplative grooves for relaxing and working to.”
  • Animal Picnic (Click Records) – “An amazing sound.”
  • Hao Do (Instant Noodles, WPRK-FM) – “Gorgeous music. There’s a sense of exploration but the songs never get lost or directionless.”
  • Cal Gibson (Secret Soul Society, Neon Heights) – “Interesting textures and nice laid back timings, not afraid to unfurl slowly.”
  • Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “Some beautiful tracks on here. Perfect for my sunset sessions.”
San Mateo - Portrait by Matthew Naquin