Ink 19 Reviews Argentum Dreams

We’re stoked to receive a glowing review of Argentum Dreams in long-standing tastemaker magazine Ink 19. Writer Steven Garnett captures the essence of Monta At Odds in an evocative string of stream-of-consciousness impressions. Here are a few of our favorite quotes:

I caught occasional whiffs of Roxy circa “Manifesto”, the sonics replete with after parties, the closely mic’d melting cubes in a glass of Heaven Hill whiskey.
Monta At Odds are a Chevy El Camino version of Stereolab, crop circles within and among human hearts explained or explained away.
The title track, separating wheat from chaff, makes clear Monta’s sonic signposts are neon, not ad nauseam.
These Kansans know how an Italian suit holds up in a twister.

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