San  Mateo - Sonet  Ring

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San Mateo bends soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms, filtered through film grain and lo-fi aesthetics. The thread of remembrance and innocence guides San Mateo as warm emotion and intention emanate from the electronics. These songs are irresistibly melodic while strangely familiar, steeped in a tingling feeling of a shadow caught by the corner of an eye.

In a time of increased anxiety — fraught with divisiveness, depression, and addiction — San Mateo has turned to the notion of the Sonet Ring. A Sonet Ring is a term used to describe a healing ring. When the traffic breaks in one direction it automatically resolves to move in another. Though San Mateo’s Sonet Ring EP was inspired by our modern anxiety there is a silver lining of hope surrounding it. Things will eventually resolve to the desired resolution.

The theme is evident with “polywater,” a song that ominously surges at a slow pulse until a reassuring bell-like melody shines like a faint beacon. “re-evolver” is even more mysterious, hinting at something hidden as arpeggiated synthesizers and layered strings search for clues. A short detour is offered through “haliphon” and its otherworldly nursery melodies, and “terra incognito” is a deciphered sign with directions to home.

As a whole, the songs of the Sonet Ring are uneasy and cautious yet hopeful and expectant. San Mateo paints a future not mired in the past but better for it. The swirls of synthesized sound evoke a measured feeling, anticipating things to come but lightly hesitant. It’s a blurred photograph fading in and out as the Sonet Ring recalibrates to the vibration of history.

  • Laurent Garnier – “Super EP. Great for my radio show.”
  • Kid Loco – “Haunting, beautiful, and perfect. San Mateo is Ace.”
  • Peter Kruder (G-Stone Recordings/Kruder & Dorfmeister) – “Great sounds here … love it!”
  • Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “Four very cool tracks … all lovely.”
  • Spettro (ELEVATE/Lucidflow) – “Well done emotional landscapes … amazing drums with moody melodies that come straight from the heart. 10 stars for timeless music.”
  • Graeme Reedie (Silicon Soul/Mirror Music) – “Lovely EP … enjoying all the tunes.”
  • Jon Fugler (Fluke/XLNT Radio Show, France) – “Lovely production, very hypnotic, and a pleasure to listen to.”
  • Marcelo Tavares (Deep Space Podcast) – “Bliss!”
  • DJ Chris Lee (Salon 10, Hong Kong) – “Nice abstract sounds … reminds me a bit of Jean Michel Jarre in the ’70s.”
  • Hober Mallow (Might Reel/2ser FM, Australia) – “Beautiful dreamy sounds … super deep stuff.”
  • Richie Hartness (untitledmusic) – “Elegant and eerie … I like it.”
  • misterG (Green Arrow Radio) – “Music to heal your soul while giving rhythms for bobbing your head to.”
  • DJ 33-45 (WEFT FM, Champaign, IL) – “Dark, low-fi beats with serious vibes. Unsettling and very captivating.”
  • David Balasch (Passat Continu, Spain) – “Haunting, trippy rhythms and beautiful melodies.”