San  Mateo 
The Mira VariablE


San Mateo - The Mira Variable

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Expressive electronic producer San Mateo embarks on the next phase of his sonic voyage, introducing new techniques and mindset hurdles with The Mira Variable. Constraint informs the 5-song EP, with the music intentionally recorded directly from two synths (“using the computer only as a glorified tape recorder”) without the guidance of a rhythm track. Says San Mateo, “I found that drums tend to define a music project more than anything, and will pigeonhole the sound into a style that I was not wanting to go for. While I know that a lack of drums can do the same, I don’t feel like The Mira Variable is necessarily ambient and instead spreads itself over a myriad of influences both musical and emotional.”

San Mateo’s other role as a visual artist continues to influence his audio project, The EP’s title is a reference to a type of pulsating star, noted for its brilliant red colors. The music evokes this vibrant distance as San Mateo coaxes warmth and wistful emotion from his limited palette of electronics. “burdens of beasts” luxuriates in these impressions with its ringing and melodic arpeggiation, held at bay by sustained counterpoints. “the hiding places” is another prime example of San Mateo’s artistry — a guitar-like motif floats above the song’s downcast elements, evoking a necessary hope that guides when all seems lost. All the while, The Mira Variable continues to pulse from the vastness of space, a constant but unreachable beacon.

San Mateo, creator of ambient soundscapes
  • “deep and meaningful music” — Tim Angrave (The Chillout Lounge)
  • “I’ll call it ambient but it the good way … a great piece of work” — Kid Loco
  • “so arty et méditatif” — Snooba (Contrabande Radio Show)
  • “beautifully evocative electronic music” — Lexifer (Toronto)
  • “sublime” — Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show / Fluke)
  • “loving the the tones and textures of this … emotive stuff” — Craig Smith (6th Borough Project)
  • “fantastic music” — Nick Warren (The Soundgarden)
  • “atmospheric and unpredictable .. lovely stuff” — James Deane (Trailer Trash)
  • “this is very visual music … warm waves that will sooth the listener and give them room to contemplate” — Xan Phillips (Voice FM Radio)
  • “contemplative and tranquil … the use of ostinatos (which sound like creative use of arpeggiators) recalls Berlin School electronic music, but there’s plenty of novelty and creativity at work here” — Chaircrusher
  • “luscious electronic music this … simply ethereal and delicious” — Jon Manley (D3EP Radio Network)
  • “quite simply: beautiful! … an incredible creation” — Duncan Stark (AmbiDECKstrous)
  • “a pensive tapestry of pristine audio production … not empty, but rather formless and free … lush ambient electronic music that needs no adornment or decoration” — ReGen Magazine
  • “fantastic soundscapes … excellent composition and moods” — Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit)
  • “shimmering, dynamic and emotive music to lay back and escape to” — Eric Downer (Bay FM, Australia)
  • “San Mateo is back with calming soundscapes … I’m ever impressed” — Kerem Gokmen (Dubmission Radio Show)
  • “I could listen to this all day … beautiful music” — Osric (RTRFM, Australia)
  • “San Mateo’s music sounds like a deeply impressive soundtrack to a movie … the images arise automatically in my head” — Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany)
  • “stunning, as always … rich, layered, and thought provoking” — Terry Grant (More Ghost Than Man)
San Mateo - Portrait by Matthew Naquin