“Transmission From Cobby Base” Premiere On Loose Lips

Our friends at the Bristol-based music blog Loose Lips gave the world an early peek at Monta At Odds’ Argentum Dreams album, in the form of a sneaky premiere of the track “Transmission From Cobby Base.” Loose Lips refer to Monta At Odds as “a mutant psychedelic funk band, traveling through space to reach your ears” and we don’t necessarily disagree with that assumption.

The track itself is inspired by Steve Cobby and his fine outfit Fila Brazillia. When informed of this notion, Steve told us, “I’m certainly honoured anyone would even consider naming a song after me.” He then compared Monta At Odds to Pink Industry. What a champion.

Listen to Loose Lips’ premiere of “Transmission From Cobby Base” on SoundCloud:

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